Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Latest Updates On Cheshire Snow Storm Recovery

Jack Casner, the town's Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director, said that power has been restored to 43 percent of the 11,236 customers that Connecticut Light & Power has in Cheshire.

But because Town Hall is without power tonight, all community meetings scheduled for there are canceled.

Casner said Cheshire High School (shown at left) will be open once again Tuesday night for people whose homes are still without power. In addition to a place to sleep and stay warm, the emergency shelter has limited shower facilities and is providing light meals.

The school also has a station set up where residents can recharge cell phones, laptop computers and other communication devices, according to Lt. Jim Fasano, a Cheshire Police spokesman.

Fasano said three CL&P work crews were removing fallen trees and other debris from three major roads in town on Tuesday:

- Route 42 as it makes its way up Bethany Mountain.

- Jinny Hill Road.

- Wallingford Road, where a fallen tree took down an electrical wire.

Casner said CL&P has not yet provided estimates concerning when service will be restored across the remainder of town.

The town's Public Library has no power and will remain closed through at least Wednesday, Casner said. A decision will be announced on Wednesday on whether the high school will remain closed after then to accommodate resident whose homes are without power.

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