Sunday, August 25, 2013

Politics: See You In September......

For some reason, municipal politicians and electorate that they seek votes from can't seem to get really fired up about campaign until after Labor Day.

That is when the door-to-door visits start in earnest and the lawn signs and the ... well, you know the drill. A two-month sprint that ends on the first Tuesday in November.

In Cheshire, Republican Councilman Andy Falvey said last week that he will wait until after Labor Day to announce whether he will remain on local GOP's Town Council ticket. During his party's caucus back in July, Falvey had said increased demands being made upon him at work were making it harder for him to find the time necessary to serve  his constituents the way he wants.

To the East in Wallingford, some candidates for elected office aren't waiting for Labor to come to begin preparing for November.

School board candidate Karen Hlavac was cited at a recent Board of Education. She is the lady in blue on the left in a photo from the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services web site.

There's nothing wrong in Hlavac doing a little homework on the current issues. But she's hardly a neophyte, having done a stint on the board before.

Jason Zandri, the Democratic mayoral candidate, had pens touting his candidacy ready when his Town Committee chose its slate in July. Now, Zandri (shown in photo at right) has got even more political swag: shirts.

Republican Councilman Craig Fishbein is seeking re-election. Fishbein (who is shown at left in a photo from his law practice)  is also getting any early jump on the start of the campaign,  launching his web site this weekend.

Zandri (who is shown at right) took a page from presidential campaigns by announcing his plan to challenge incumbent Mayor William Dickinson almost a full year before the vote. And Zandri's campaign web site has been up since ;last December.

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