Saturday, June 21, 2014

Esty Launches House Re-Election Campaign With Open House At Headquarters In Cheshire

When she ran for her first term in Congress two years ago, Elizabeth Esty used a former funeral home in Cheshire as her base of operations. It was a curious choice, at best, given that there were other vacant store fronts in town and the limitless potential it provided for wisecracks about her candidacy.

At this time two years ago, Esty was locked in a three-way primary battle with Connecticut House Speaker Chris Donovan and Dan Roberti for the state's Fifth District Congressional seat.

Esty upset the heavily favored Donovan, who had been the state Democratic convention nominee in 2012, and Roberti in the primary. She then beat Republican State Senator Andrew Roraback in November general election to fill the Fifth District seat, which was left open when Chris Murphy chose to run for U.S. Senate.

Now running for re-election as the Fifth District incumbent, Esty's choice of campaign digs has gotten a little more refined.

She kicked off her campaign Saturday with an open house at the new headquarters, which is located in an office complex at 408 Highland Ave., just down the street from Highland Elementary School.

 Esty is shown above in a photo from her campaign's Twitter account meeting a "future voter" and the child's mother at Saturday's open house.

Esty, who is a Cheshire resident, will face Republican Mark Greenberg of Litchfield in the November general election. Greenberg won his party's nomination at last month's state Republican convention at Mohegan Sun.

Prior to this year's convention, Greenberg had made two failed attempts to be the GOP nominee for the Fifth District seat.

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